Conveying the Best Solutions

Shaftless Vertical Conveyors

Shaftless Screw Conveyors are ideal for vertical conveying. Since they do not require a non-drive end bearing this eliminates the need for high maintenance bottom shafts and seals on a pulling shaftless vertical conveyor. A shaftless vertical feed is obtained by directly connected pushing shaftless conveyor which optimizes layout design flexibility. Vertical shaftless conveyors are available in a single unit up to 50 feet and systems in excess of 100 feet in elevation gain.

Custom’s vertical shaftless conveyors are ideally suit spadeable waste water dewatered sludge with dry solids content of 18% or greater.

Custom shaftless verticals are highly efficient in:

  • Power usage, space, conveyance, and equipment wear
  • Resulting in a virtually maintenance free and highly cost effective solution.

Custom Conveyor Corporation has the industry’s best and most experienced shaftless vertical design engineers. Contact us for an assessment of your application.