Conveying the Best Solutions

Shaftless Screw Conveyors

Shaftless spiral conveyors eliminate the central shaft and allow a much higher fill rate resulting in lower rpm’s, more efficient conveying and consequently less wear. Without a shaft, no intermediate or end bearings are required. The trough liner is the spiral’s replaceable bearing surface. The only machined bearings in a shaftless are in the gear reducer. This allows for direct connections and optimizes layout design flexibility. End-to-end and side connections not possible on shafted screw conveyors are common solutions available in the shaftless design. Vertical shaftless conveyors are available in a single unit up to 50 feet and systems in excess of 100 feet in elevation gain.

Custom Conveyor Corp’s open, shaftless spiral design makes these conveyors ideally suited to efficiently convey stringy, sticky waste materials that vary in size, volume, capacity or dry solids content. They work extremely clean and efficiently for conveying materials such as:

  • Sludge
  • Screenings
  • Scum/FOG
  • Pulp recycle rejects
  • Slaughterhouse waste
  • Lime sludge
  • Grit
  • Paper pulp
  • Food processing waste
  • Wood chips

Superior Steel + Superior Forming = The Highest Quality Spiral

Custom Conveyor Corp’s shaftless spirals utilize hot-rolled, high tensile, high yield strength, micro-alloy flat bars that produce a spiral extremely resistant to fatigue, crack formation and growth. They are cold formed into a spiral by our modern “precise captured CNC winding technology” that forms both diameter and pitch simultaneously and holds higher tolerances than any other spiral manufacturer.

Other spiral manufacturers offer crude 30 year old “loose pulled method” spirals that vary greatly in diameter and pitch, which lead to spiral fatigue plus uneven liner wear and premature failure.

Custom Conveyor Corp. engineers perform important spiral strength calculations on every shaftless application. We utilize many spiral configurations to insure the proper compression or elongation strength is achieved for your application. We manufacture and test all of our conveying products and systems at our 32,000 square foot plant in Rogers, MN to ensure compatibility with and integration into your plant is consistent and flawless.