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Gates to Control Material Flow

Controlling wet product by gates and sealing it in a horizontal blade application is an engineering challenge that Custom Conveyor Corporation has meet with over 30 years’ experience in gate design.

We design and manufacture gates in four basic categories. Our gates control the discharge of materials from centrifuges, hoppers, bins, silos or conveyors. The gates consist of a rigid frame mounted to the bottom of the storage, process device or conveyor. Gates may be simple slide type utilizing ultra-high density polyurethane or roller type with cam followers. Blade thickness requirements are calculated and seal selection is based years of empirical experience. Gates in low solids applications may incorporate drain rails to capture and drain minor leakage. They may be operated manually or with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators.

Custom Conveyor Corp can assist you in choosing the correct gate for your application or design and manufacture custom gates for your specific requirements – contact us today.

  • Diverter Gate 1
    Diverter Gate
  • Diverter Gate 2
    Diverter Gate
  • Load-out Gate 1
    Load-out Gate
  • Load-out Gate 2
    Load-out Gate
  • Load-out Gate 3
    Load-out Gate
  • QUADSEAL Gate 1
  • QUADSEAL Gate 2

QuadSeal™ Hopper Gate

Custom Conveyor’s unique QuadSeal™ gate is a heavy duty gate designed with a unique mechanical J bulb compression seal that is designed to work with high overhead pressure. This gate becomes tighter as the overhead load increases. It is typically used under sludge silos and hoppers with large volume loads.

Load-out/Transfer Gate

Load-out gates are used for overhead, live bottom hoppers or screw conveyors where there is low overhead pressure. Typically, they are discharging into a storage device or another conveyor. They incorporate a minimum 1/4” gate blade. They may utilize ROLLER-cam followers with a compression seal to control material flow or alternately SLIDE on UHMW Polyethylene guides and seals.

Centrifuge Drain Gate

Centrifuge Drain gates permit diversion to drain of centrifuge low solids flow upon start up, then open to allow discharge of dewatered solids to the conveyor inlet. They incorporate a minimum 1/4” blade riding on roller cam followers with a compression seal to control material flow. The centrifuge drain gate is typically controlled with electric or pneumatic actuators.

Bifurcated Diverter Gate

Bifurcated Diverter gates typically divert vertical free flow of material from one source to a choice of two other points. It is often utilized in redundant or multi-destination conveyor systems. Because this is usually achieved with a 90o flap type gate blade, an electric one quarter turn actuator is often used for simplicity.